About the Vancouver Voice

The Vancouver Voice is the sole alternative newspaper serving Clark County and Southwest Washington in general, though with a focus on the area's largest city, Vancouver, Washington.


In early 2006, The Vanguard, a previous two-year old alternative publication for Vancouver, folded. Several of the staff and writers involved with The Vanguard then came together soon after its demise to continue the nascent tradition of an alternative periodical for the rapidly expanding population of Clark County. Former Vanguard columnist and Willamette Week Screen Editor James Walling joined with soon-to-be director of advertising and distribution Eric Johnson and production manager Melissa Wolf to found The Vancouver Voice. The Vancouver Voice was incorporated in Washington State and put out its first issue on October 3, 2006.

In spring of 2008, Walling signed a six-month Joint Operating Agreement with the News-Register Publishing Company, a fourth-generation family-owned business based in McMinnville, Oregon. News-Register Publisher Jeb Bladine bought the paper outright from Walling in July. Ossie Bladine, former editor of The Oregon Commentator at the University of Oregon, moved to Vancouver to become the paper's second editor-in-chief.

In January, 2009, The Voice became a bi-weekly publication.


Management of The Vancouver Voice is split between Vancouver and McMinnville. Day-to-day ad sales, editorial content and page design are handled by Editor-in-Chief Ossie Bladine, Advertising Manager Charlotte Johnson and a slew of local freelance writers and photographers. The Voice's first office was an office suite in Downtown Vancouver, at 205 E. 11th St. In April 2010, the paper moved its operations to the heart of downtown at 1001 Main St., Suite B (above Rosemary Cafe). The office is adjoined with Trypress Galleri, an art gallery run by Bladine.

Publisher Guy Everingham, Advertising Director Christy Nielsen, Production Manager Chris Miles and Production Artists Kristin Pond and Travis Wilson operate from the News-Register's offices in Downtown McMinnville.

The Voice's Mission Statement

The Vancouver Voice was founded by a handful of local residents dismayed by the lack of attention paid to America’s Vancouver, and weary of perpetually living in the shadow of its neighboring city to the south. The Voice understands the value of supporting and galvanizing the communities that comprise the region, and since its inception has set out to serve as a valuable, independent local voice for SW Washington’s unique identity.

The Voice covers a wide variety of subject matter. However, its main purpose is to fill the gaps left by other regional media outlets with in-depth reporting on local matters and comprehensive coverage of local arts, culture and entertainment. The mission of The Vancouver Voice staff and its contributors is as follows:

- To enlighten and entertain its readers.

- To nurture, promote, and participate in the arts and culture of SW Washington and surrounding areas.

- To raise awareness of the issues directly affecting the people and communities of SW Washington.

- To foster a stronger sense of community identity within SW Washington.

- To celebrate individualism and independent thinking, while acknowledging that the right of individuals to abstain from participation is innate.

- To act as a media watchdog for local news outlets and contest boosterism and disinformation when and where it is presented to the public.

The Editorial Board of The Vancouver Voice was created to make sure our publication continues to fulfill its mission statement. The Board is composed of editors and contributors as well as community members otherwise not associated with The Voice, and will serve the crucial role of an oversight committee by self-evaluating the content and direction of The Voice, while additionally responding to criticism and input from our readership. The Board will present its own opinions and points of view, with the expressed intention of raising those issues it believes are either neglected or underrepresented in the area press.

The Vancouver Voice encourages its readers to submit guest commentary and/or letters to the editor, understanding that the more feedback The Vancouver Voice receives, the better it can serve its community.